About Us


The AFBE was founded in Feb 2015.

The reason for starting the AFBE is to strengthen family businesses so they can flourish and have strong structures and transition into successive generations.

Family businesses account for approximately 80% of the Kenyan economy and work force. Despite this, they are vulnerable and face similar challenges regardless of the industry or location: governance, succession, wealth management, family conflict etc. Less than 15% of family businesses exist after the first generation.

Our Purpose:

1. To strengthen success over generations.

2.To provide support and service to family businesses by working with knowledge partners, trusted business advisors and thought leaders.

3.To provide a safe space for family businesses to share experiences.

4.To connect family businesses.

5.To be the voice for family businesses.

6.To advocate for family businesses in legislation and policy.

7.To facilitate the enhancement of skills and sharing of knowledge through programs, workshops, conferences etc.

8.To conduct research and provide data on family businesses.

WHY family businesses?

1. They are the backbone of the economy. 60-80% of the GDP and labour force;

2.Because no association or body represents the interests of family businesses directly and yet they are in many other associations-KAM, KNCCI, FKE, UBA, KESA, KPSA.

3.Because family businesses can perform much better and stimulate the economy of the country even better.



To provide a nurturing, enriching and empowering environment through which Family-Owned Businesses can flourish over generations.


Our Vision

To promote and support family businesses to prosper into future generations.